Bounce Boost Elasticity Elixer 2oz

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Say goodbye to weak, limp waves, curls or kinks by using 2 Curls 1 Mission Bounce Boost; an Elasticity Elixer which restores lifeless strands by adding structure, shine and strength.

Key ingredients include Hydrolyzed Hemp Protein, Hydrolyzed Flaxseed Protein, Goji Berry Extract and Argan Oil.

Directions: Shake well before use. Open and squeeze dropper to allow glass to fill. Add 1-3 doses of the elixer to the regular amount of your favorite conditioner for a boost in elasticity, shine, definition and bounce. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Proceed to styling as usual.

For the best results: Use 1-2 times a month to maintain moisture protein balance as well as before and after direct heat. Do not use without adding to a base. Product does not contain water therefore is very potent.

1 dose for normal damage
2 doses for moderate damage
3 doses for severe damage

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