2 Curls 1 Mission Organic Deep Conditioner

2 Curls 1 Mission Organic Deep Conditioner

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Item in preorder mode. Processing takes 1-2 weeks. Made with 100% organic fruits, moisturizers and oils. This treat will revive dry and dull hair. It also helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp for hair growth. Use once a week for the best results.

Must be keep refrigerated and used within 1 week after opening. Freeze immediately after 1 week to ensure freshness. To use from freezer, put jar into a bowl of warm water until it thaws out. Mix thoroughly before using.

Directions: Apply to thoroughly clean wet hair in sections, cover, leave in for 30 mins, rinse thoroughly and style as usual. This product contains no water therefore it needs to be used on wet hair. Reapply water to each section for the best results. 

Ingredients: Organic Persea americana (avocado), Aloe barbadensis juice, Organic Banana, Organic honey, silk amino acids, phthalate free fragrance,  Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic acid and Caprylyl Glycol.